Lucha battle royal: Juventud Guerrera, Damien, Lizmark Jr., Super

Calo, Villano IV & V, Silver King, Hector Garza, El Dandy, Ciclope,

Parka, Psicosis and a masked luchador who was not identified.

Announcer highlights: Dusty gets enthused about El Dandy, and Tony

says that Damien "already wrestled on this program".

unidentified, at 0:14 by Villano IV

Ciclope, at 2:06 by Psicosis (with a hard bump on the floor to boot)

Damien, at 2:49 by Juventud Guerrera

Lizmark Jr., at 3:24 by El Dandy

Villano IV & V, at 3:49 (V slightly before) by Juventud Guerrera

Silver King, at 4:03 by Hector Garza springboard dropkick to the top

Hector Garza, at 4:26 by Super Calo

Super Calo, at 4:52 by El Dandy

El Dandy, at 5:12 by La Parka prone monkey flip

Parka, Psi and Juvy hit some nice moves, with an especially nice

springboard spinning leg lariat by Juvy on Psi. Juvy is on Psi's

shoulders and punching him when Parka hits Juvy with a chair, at which

point they go over the top, Psicosis hitting the floor at 6:57 and

Juventud a second later. Parka does the Parka Strut and what-not

(which is pretty funny) until the break.

WINNER: La Parka, at 6:58