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LaParka stands at 6'1, 235lbs(skull costume above) and is probably the most menacing of the Luchadores. His name means "The Day of the Dead" and he his high flying style and certain strength advantage over other crusierweights make him a force to be reckon with. The "ChairMan of WCW" is currently getting better and better in WCW with each passing week. He is a former AAA Light Heavyweight Champion and bent on becoming the next WCW Crusierweight Champion.
News:(1-7-99)Okay I have a few things to say, this site is back after much problems, I do apologize for the new address which people won't see for a while, but I'm working on that. As you might know, Parka is with the LWO which is a decent angle for him, but he hasn't wrestled in forever til tonight on Thunder!!! Facing quality competition with Booker T. Good match, good moves, unfortunely Parka misused the chair, as Booker hits a spin kick into the chair for the three. But great to see him back!!...but the NWO, you are now on my hitlist, they laid out LaParka, and drew a circle around him, see NWO, what you fail to understand is I am your maker, and any one of ya who wants to take me in the ring, come on..I'll take ya all on, nobody messes with parka...NOBODY!
News:(10-18-98):Yep, I've been working, sue me ;). Have been watching my main man LaParka though! In a 6 man contest against other luchadores, he was put against Psicosis of all people and then Eddie Guerrero and his LWO(an idea I formed long before him)come down, give a shirt to Psicosis and Chavo but not to Parka, Eddie, are you loco in the braino, deny the chairman of the WCW and you will surely get a chair to the back! Also Parka wrestled Konan recently, but stupid bawdy bawdy got the Tequilia Sunrise for the submission
News:(9-28-98):Okay all you idiots. All you people that said Parka has been let go are morons or blind. Or he resigned. On Nitro, first match, the music plays...its its..PARKA!!!!! Old fued opened up as well, Parka and Super Calo...amazingly Parka wins, but that chair was used by Calo after the match. He will pay, Calo knows better, and he knows what happens to little luchadores who try to gain fame from the almighty Parka!
News:(9-14-98):Sad news ;/. I've seen it on the newsgroups and at the church of LaParka(link below), LaParka has been canned by the waste of wrestling called WCW. Not only does WCW wastes great wrestlers like Psicosis, Parka, and Jim Powers, it promotes annoying wrestlers like Goldberg, Juvi Juice, and the Warrior. The only guy they know what they are doing with is Jericho....but that's another matter. Hopefully he'll turn up in ECW or WWF or WCW will get their brains in check...we can only hope.
News:(9-6-98):No real clear news, a lot of scattered news. As you know Parka has not appeared in WCW in quite a while. I've had reports of him wrestling in Mexico, I've also had one report that said he lost his mask in Mexico as well. I also came to find out that the matches on Worldwide were taped like months and months before so that still holds no link to the future. Anybody with inside info is most appreciated, cause lets face it folks Parka rules!
News:(7-19-98):Well it appears that Parka is atleast a little better. Late Late last night around 1am...WCW Pro flashes up on the screen so I watch it. Mind you the pro is taped about a week before, but that's alright. Some crappy matches at first, followed by the usual rehashes....then out of exclusive from Worldwide:La Parka and El Dandy vs Super Calo and Ciclope. Woohoo. I was jumping around the room. The Chairman of the WCW. Even better after some nice highflying, out of nowhere, El Dandy, Hands of Stone to Ciclope to get the 1.2.3. Only thing that disapointed me, no chair from Parka onto Dandy. Dandy miscalculated some shots early on and it landed on Parka's mush. But the Chairman is back. Get ready Goldberg, cause your days are numbered!
News:(6-18-98):More news, and not good news at that...check out these three letters due to the explanation that LaParka's character is in jeopardy atleast in Mexico. See Pena of the AAA owns the character and if he wants to continue to use the gimmick in Mexico he might have use it in the AAA. However I think he will still be able to use it in WCW cause Pena wouldn't have the funds to persue it to the US. Check Here for Letters
News:(6-13-98):Well I'm still on crusade to get the match against Goldberg for what he did to Parka, but I did find Parka did wrestle a match on Worldwide on 6/13, but the tapes might be messed up, so he still might need is the report of the match which scored a victory for Parka and Psycosis.
Tokyo Magnum & Judo Suwa vs. La Parka (w/chair) & Psicosis
Psi and Suwa start it off, lockup, Suwa's sent to the ropes, runs Psi over, runs under a leapfrog and into a hiptoss. Psi whip, Suwa ducks a clothesline and lariats Psi, both tag. Parka just gestures Magnum aside and does the Parka Strut. Heh. Magnum starts dancing himself, and Parka just smacks him. :) Parka's sent into the ropes, runs him over, under a leapfrog and into an armwhip, he runs again, and ends in going into three more armdrags before retreating to his own corner and tagging. Psi misses a charging dropkick on Suwa (missed when he tagged in). Suwa side headlock, sent into the ropes and Parka nails him from behind, gets knocked off himself, Psi dropkicks Suwa through the ropes and planchas onto him. Magnum does an Asai moonsault onto Psi and Suwa, then Parka with a ropeflip moonsault onto everyone. In the ring, Suwa sidesteps a charge to the corner by Psi, Psi reverses the whip and connects with a drop toehold. Parka runs by and kicks him in the head while he's down. Psi holds Suwa half hanging out of the ring, Parka jumps out of the ring and boots him in the head on the way down. In the ring, Magnum catches Psi with a low-angle dragon slam for 2. Psi reverses a whip and hits a spinebuster/flapjack. Parka sets Magnum on the middle rope for the guillotine legdrop and the pin. Plenty of action here, and I have no problem giving a full point.
WINNERS: La Parka & Psicosis, at 3:54
News:(6-1-98):It took me a long time to write this, cause it saddened me a great deal, the career of LaParka could be taking a most terrible turn. On Nitro, he fought Goldberg, correction he got slaughtered by Goldberg. And no, I didn't expect him to get the push to beat Goldberg, but the 10 second slobberknocker was ridiculous. Furthermore, if anybody watched the match, Parka was grabbing his knee, and anybody who knows Parka, knows he does have legit knee problems. While this could be a work, and maybe Parka is going in for knee surgery soon, I hope to God, it isn't the end of LaParka, espically in WCW, where he has an increasing fan base. I know he is really over in Mexico, but since I don't see those matches, it would be a great loss without him. Here is something to Goldberg and all you Goldberg marks out there, you are scum, and if that was a legit injury you had no business putting further damage on it by jackhammering it and hooking the hurt leg for the pin. Goldberg, if you ever want to meet in a dark alley, I'll bring the barb wire, the chair, whatever and kick your sorry ass. You've hurt a legend, and future WCW star(if bischoff ever got off his ass), and that is a legit offense
News:(4-20-98):Great news, at Nitro tonight, Parka facing Ultimo Dragon, Dragon looks like he's going for the his incredible spinning hurricanrana off the top when out of nowhere cause Eddie told him so, comes Chavo who shoves Ultimo off, and Parka does his summersault barrel plancha and gets the 3 count. Win FOR PARKA! :)
News:(4-19-98):Damn, sorry its been two months and all. Parka was out of action for about a month, after losing to Disco damn it! Now come Spring Stampede and he has a big fued with his former tag team partner:Psicosis! Spring Stampede, and a wonderful showing by both combatants. But unfortunely after a grueling match, Parka gets beat when Psicosis hits the leg drop. However, we know this isn't the end for Parka, he will be back, and with a vengance!(New pics are below)
News:(2-19-98>:Wow, regular update, I must be either dropping back in deep formation in my classes, or I'm trying to provide an adquaete LaParka source...hrmm prolly the latter. Alright ON THUNDDDDDER(why does DDP go so spastic on this?), anyiehow, its LaParka against the whipping boy of the crusierweights, Super Calo. Some really nice spots here by both men, until out of nowhere, here comes Disco! Disco gets in the ring and while trying to distract Parka, he ends up distracting Calo who gets caught with Summersault Barrel Plancha from Parka, causing the win for LaParka! Afterwards, Disco gets chaired for his efforts, quick once to the back, as the Chairman of the WCW again is held supreme. *strut strut strut*
News:(2-16-98):Well, I'm getting better at this ;). LaParka going up against Nagata tonight in Nitro. It was a great match, and LaParka clearly had the upper hand with hitting a plancha from the top to the floor and then his patented summersault barrel plancha also from the top. Then he slides out to get his coveted chair, ready to knock down Nagata with it, and Sonny Ono grabs it! While this goes on, Disco Inferno comes up to the ring, and chartbusters Parka to give Nagata the easy submission win. But revenge is always sweetest, as Disco comes out for his match against Saturn, from the back, out comes LaParka, chair in hand, and not once, not twice, but 4 times to the back of the head, out goes Disco, Parka standing tall *strut strut strut*....setting up what may be Parka's first great fued in WCW, woohoo!
News:(2-9-98):Trying to do these more often, but 18 hours of school isn't exactly conducive when you want to design web pages. LaParka has been chairing again however, with two recent hits on Nitro first the Disco Inferno(very much needed, thank you!), and then while Yugi Nagata with his back turned, wham, as Sonny Ono looks on. Before that event, after losing to Hugh Morrus, he turned out the lights on the big oaf with the chair!
News:(1-25-98):I know I haven't updated in a while, so this is more a less a big mesh of what's been happening latley for LaParka, the man! His struts have been getting better and better, and he is perhaps the most popular luchadore next to Mysterio and Juvie, and definantly the favorite Rudo, recently on Souled Out, he chaired everybody in the ring including his own partners are he truly showed that he rained hopefully Parka will get the push he so richley deserves
Recent News:The Chairman of the WCW claims more and more victims each day(soon, possible hit list). But besides his tag team win with Psicosis over Glacier/Cat, he claimed his greatest victory in WCW by winning the 15(?)man battle royal on saturday night. The final climatic scene pitted Juvie, his tag team partner Psicosis tangled up with Parka watching. Parka gets out the chair and uses it on Juvie sending both Juvie and his tag team partner to the floor. LaParka wins, Laparka wins!!!!
For Full results on the battle royal

The Church of LaParka, fall down and worship the ground he walks on! :)
Highspots:they sell Parka masks and a LaParka t-shirt! place for multimedia for all leagues in wrestling
The El Dandy Page

Savage attacking La Parka
Ultimo Dragon Look to dropkick Parka
PERSONAL FAV!-Parka has just hit Calo and he's out with the wooden chair shattered!
Parka from the back you can see him about to hit Calo with the wooden chair
Psicosis about to leap over the ropes and fall onto Wrath as Parka tries to hold him
Parka about to be elbowed by Wrath
Parka trying to kick Wrath
A still shot of Parka, ain't he just the best ;)?
Parka, Psicosis, Villano IV, and Mysterio being interviewed by Mean Gene
Konnan showing Mysterio's crutch to Mysterio as Parka, Psicosis, the Villanos and Mean Gene look on
Group Shot from Left to Right(don't shoot me if I'm wrong):Psicosis, Lizmark, Super Calo, Ciclope, Damein 666, La Parka, Konnan, and Rey Mysterio Jr, whew!
Air Juvie planche on top of poor LaParka
Calling all LaParka fans!!, LaParka match tonight as he goes against Misterioso!
LaParka doing his impression of Benoit as he walks down the aisle
Parka and Rey battling it out on the top turnbuckle
Air Juvie again to fall onto Parka as Silver King looks on
Parka giving his own planche to Super Calo
A rather frightening pose of Parka
Lodi sign(another talent WCW is wasting away), better remember your golashes too Lodi, the way Raven speaks
LaParka about to enter World War III

Photos from Souled Out!
Parka looks like ready to howl, check out everybody that's laid out all around the ring
Parka standing up on his famous chair, with the luchadores still laid out below
Who's Next, Who's next??!!
Struttin, Struttin, *whack whack* Struttin, Struttin.
Parka up high standing as the #1 Luchadore in WCW!

Photos from Spring Stampede 1998!
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Spring Stampede 98
Psicosis performs his awesome twisting Orihara moonsault on top of poor LaParka
Psicosis hits the Guillotine Legdrop on LaParka and scores the 1-2-3 ;/
Souled Out 98
LaParka hits Calo, Juvi, and I think Dandy but not sure with a twisting Asai moonsault

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